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  • Andrew Lewis

Meditation at Ebbw Vale Institute

Today, 19th December, we had our last Monday morning meditation, before the Christmas break.

We shall return on Monday January 9th.

Ebbw Vale Institute has a very special atmosphere. The team are always so welcoming and have a genuine desire to make every visitor feel comfortable and part of the family. It is a sheer pleasure to deliver Meditation and Mindfulness at this warm hearted venue.

We greatly enjoy the regular Monday sessions. Participants have created a beautiful, mutually supportive, thoughtful and caring environment, in keeping with the spirit of EVI as a whole. I am grateful to them and look forward to continuing our journey in 2023.

Please remember that this is not a 'closed' group. All are welcome. We are keen to share the benefits of this practice. All you have to do is turn up and give it a try!

'Just as the caterpillar thought its world was over, it became a butterfly'.

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20 déc. 2022

I would like to share that the Meditation and Mindfulness that Andrew delivers has literally been life changing for me personally. He has guided me through a very difficult time...I’m still learning but he has taught me to change my outlook.... to “own” my feelings, accept them and work on MYSELF to achieve a calmer pace of life. The stories he relays and the way he delivers his message is amazing... he has a way of “planting a seed“ and he has taught me to, stop, take a pause and realise that things can get better.... I have had to push myself, as like he always says, it is not easy, but he has shown me that changes CAN and…

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