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Dr Andrew Lewis, BA, PhD, PGCE, Diploma MHN (University of Wales, School of Medicine) DipBSoM




In a long and varied career I have worked in University research, teaching, and nursing. Decades of Meditation and Mindfulness practice, including time spent in India at Vipassana Samiti, Jaipur,

have influenced and guided much of my approach to helping people with feelings of anxiety, distress and unhappiness in mind and body.


I have delivered Mindfulness courses and Relaxation/Meditation sessions for established service providers and charities, GP practices, hospitals and day centres, private groups, individual clients, schools, colleges, evening classes, and in the workplace/corporate environment. My approach is practical and secular, suitable for those of all faiths or none.


Central to my work is the empirical, experiential knowledge that every individual is able to discover a natural state of contentment, control and equanimity. This begins with a clear awareness of the nature of mind and body, and a deepening understanding of  those restless, unhelpful thought habits that give rise to so much anxiety and stress. Through simple practice of established techniques, proper understanding, insight and compassion, we are able to deal more confidently with problems, worries and fears. We are able to make better decisions, enjoy more positive relationships with others, and work effectively with negative emotions rather than become overwhelmed by them. We stop living our lives 'on the way to somewhere else' and we come home to ourselves, home to the true source of our happiness.

I have accredited status (Ascentis AptEd) and professional registration with the British School of Meditation and work in accordance with the BSoM code of ethics, with full professional indemnity/ public liability insurance.




Please contact me for more information on:


  • Mindfulness based stress reduction courses

  • Relaxation / Meditation sessions

  • Mindfulness for carers (support groups)

  • Mindfulness for loss / bereavement / pain management

  • Individual appointments

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