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  • Andrew Lewis

Going nowhere

We see our life as a story. 'This is me. This is what I am, what I believe, what I stand for. This is what I need, what I deserve or don't deserve. This is my path to happiness'.

This puts ME centre stage, at the centre of the narrative. My vision becomes constricted by the storyline. Things MUST go in line with my story. My anxiety increases if I discover that the world out there doesn't fall in line with my script! I am, brick by brick, building walls that restrict my vision and block out light. I have decided that uncertainty and ambiguity are negative factors that produce fear and must be resisted.

As uncertainty and ambiguity are inevitable in life, this resistance will inevitably increase fear rather than guard against it.

The most interesting thing about life and being human is not the 'story of me' that exists only because we grab at passing thoughts and their emotional consequences, that have no real substance. It is only when we 'drop the storyline' and step away from its attraction that we really begin to connect with something wider and greater.

When we GET OUT OF OUR OWN WAY we can discover a life and a world that is full of wonder, joy, beauty and peace. Difficulties and disappointments don't go away. Why should they? They are just things that happen. But, strangely perhaps, we discover a strength and a courage and an intuitive wisdom we never knew we had! Fixed plans? Lao Tzu might say 'Nothing is fixed.'

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