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I'm doing just fine!

In his 2013 publication 'Three Steps to Awakening', Larry Rosenberg makes this observation:

In recent weeks, I've observed my granddaughter as she learns how to walk. I watch her fall down, get up, fall down again, then get up again. This goes on for quite a while. What's striking to me is her absence of comparison to other children. Clearly, she is not thinking, 'Hey, the child next door does not fall down as often as I do,' or 'By this age, the doctors say I should fall down after four steps and I only reached three and a half.' No. I see her joyfully participate in the process of learning how to walk: no suffering. But the parents and grandparents present a different picture. Because they are burdened by the latest medical norms that standardize and dictate 'correct' progress in walking, they compare their child to others, which leads to suffering. Like all of us, they would suffer less if they more fully developed the art of allowing.'

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