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Updated: Aug 26, 2020

These children have nothing. They live on the street. There are many like them. Many don't have names, don't know their date of birth; no birthday gifts, cakes and parties for them. Many get ill. Many get frightened. Many are starved of food and affection. Many will die while still young.

The three children in this photo, taken last year, were (and I hope still are) lively, full of spirit, deeply caring for each other, and fond of ice cream!

Children like this need and deserve help. To offer sympathy is not enough. Even to give food and money is not the answer. Many street children are 'owned' by criminal gangs who put them out to beg and take all the money. These gangs will even cut limbs off children, and blind them in order to increase 'sympathy giving'.

What these children need is a chance, an opportunity to go to school, to learn a language, to learn and develop skills in a safe secure environment. This is the only way they can escape a life of extreme poverty, danger, disease and suffering.

Given the opportunity they will shine like diamonds! Never have I met children with such playful joy in the face of destitution, such friendliness, such resilience, hope, and genuine propensity for simple kindness.

SUPPORTING DALIT CHILDREN reaches out to help children like these, enabling them to go to school, providing long term funding for their education and training, and giving them the chance to shine. It is taking children off the street and out of hopelessness, helping to provide the opportunities that the children in the second photo are enjoying.

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