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  • Andrew Lewis

I don't have time to slow down!

One thing that puts people off the idea of meditation is that it seems so impractical. 'I don't have time for all that', they say. 'Sitting around meditating, doing nothing, is a luxury I can't afford.'

The brain is a busy place. It works all the time. We plan, we think, we worry about our safety and survival, our happiness, our health, our finances, and a whole load of other things. Thoughts, concerns, ideas, worries, regrets, longings all come tumbling in. The message, the solution, seems to be: Stay alert! Get on with things! Do something! No time to waste! Your life, your safety, your happiness depends upon keeping busy!

The hamster runs faster because it hasn't figured out what is making the wheel go faster.

It is estimated that we spend between 50% - 80% of every day 'attention wandering', not being where we really are, doing what we are really doing. Our minds are so busy that they can't even stay in one place!

Speed creates a blur, creates pressure. Slowing down creates greater clarity, greater awareness, keener vision. It also helps the mind function more effectively, process information more precisely and improves memory and recall.

Slowing down enables the body to relax, rebuild, rejuvenate. This improves overall health and promotes a feeling of steady contentment.

Finding time to slow down is important. It's better to do nothing than to be busy doing nothing! This is what we discover in meditation.

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