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  • Andrew Lewis

It makes a practical difference

When people come to Mindfulness/Meditation sessions and start the practice, it is never very long before they report that real change is noticeable. The change is significant and relates to the way they see and approach everyday activities, situations and occurrences.

A frequent comment is:

'This happened to me yesterday and I responded in a totally different way! Even colleagues, close friends, family remarked on the change.'

Far from being a way of escaping from the general hubbub of life, Mindfulness/Meditation is a way of embracing it with a new perspective. It makes real, tangible, visible difference to how we live and act in the real world every day. There wouldn't be much point in it if it was just some inconsequential, impractical pastime, a few moments of hiding away from the real world.

The unexpected event. The setback or disappointment. The spiteful comment. The long queue. The unskilful act of self or others. The long held grudge. The 'tedious' household chores. The plate of food or cup of tea we enjoy. Things like this, that we encounter often, undergo a positive enlivening change.

At a deeper level, there is a change in the way we deal with uncertainty, fear, loss, anxiety as well as a change in the way we experience happiness, peace and contentment. There is a change in the sense of self or ego. There is a far greater feeling of control over one's own life, destiny, choices and attitudes. We choose and set about becoming the person we want to be, in tune with our core and deepest values.

Real, valuable, positive, practical changes that the individual will experience and those around them will notice. This is what happens for very many.

The offer to all who have never seriously engaged with Mindfulness/Meditation and experienced this huge practical transformation, is to 'give it a try'. See if it works for you and if it doesn't you can leave it alone. It won't take much of your time to find out.

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