• Andrew Lewis

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.

We have just completed the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course (6 weeks) at Blackwood Wellbeing Centre. This was the first time the course has been offered at this venue.

General meditation sessions have also been offered at this venue on Sunday afternoon and evening.

Now that the Sunday sessions have finished, I welcome suggestions for other days and times. Tuesday's and/or Thursday's have been mentioned as convenient.

If you would like to attend general meditation sessions, or commit to the 6 week course, please let me know what times would be best for you. It's not possible to please everyone all at once but over time I will do my best to offer sessions to as many as possible.

If you know of a suitable venue near you, I am always pleased to consider its feasibility.

I don't wish to promote these practices as 'miracle cures', or use social media to post glowing testimonies. I don't wish to 'sell' Mindfulness as a commodity, the latest, trendy 'quick fix'. It is nonetheless true that I have seen the steady continuation of these practices change many lives for the better in a way that is lasting and rewarding. For that reason I welcome all enquiries. If you want to begin the journey, please get in touch.

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