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  • Andrew Lewis

'The Play's The Thing.......'

Children love to play. They are good at it. Cats and dogs love to play and they are good at it too!

We hear a lot in Mindfulness practice about being fully in the present moment, the only moment there is! The present moment should not be pushed out of the way in our rush to get to the next moment.

Children, cats and dogs don't need to be reminded to find time for play. It comes naturally.

When we watch children at play, we notice the total absorption in the present moment. They are fully engaged in the activity. They may be playing in a group, or enjoying some solitary creative fun. Play is full of creativity, wonder and imagination.

Most of us can remember times of childhood play. When we recall these moments we may well feel a warm glow of fondness. We may smile inside. We may connect with something that strengthens us, melts fears and anxieties and reminds us of the wonder and joy of being alive.

Look every day for opportunities to play. It is important to find time for it. It is healthy, heart warming, life-affirming. Create and welcome moments of fun.

It is easy to watch and listen to the news and social media, and to believe that life is nothing but strife, conflict, disagreement, and confrontation. We may think that being worried and serious is the only way to be. It isn't, and life is not without an abundance of hope, beauty, kindness, positive creativity, and, yes, time to play, to have fun!

Even grown ups can play! We can learn how from our children and our pets.

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